Richard Cave

Richard Cave

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First Name * Richard
Last Name * Cave
Username * Rockhoppermedia
Country * United Kingdom
City Peterborough
Nationality ENGLISH
Languages English


Current Position Artist;Compositor;Designer;Matte Painter;Music Composition
Areas of Expertise SFX
Preferred Tools concept artistmatte painterphotographercomposerModelingCharactersCompositingAfter EffectsDesignConcept art


Media Composer-Film Television Theatre Radio
Model Maker- Multi Media
Photographer- Sport,Portrait,Landscape,Forensic,Technical,Printing,Studio,Celebrity,Photoshop,Press

I have come back to the fold, After many years of being away from art (Gouache,Oils,Acyrlic,Penicil,Pen and ink) I have decided to come back. This time I have gone all digital I use photoshop for photography and have now decided to learn how to paint. I enjoy concept art and matte painting. I will hope to bring in a image no matter how bad or WIP to the portfolio.



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